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The required machine is meant to facilitate easy and proper inspection of cured tyre. The logical operation will be controlled by relay logic. AC motor of desired rating, which will have fixed speed,will do the rotation of the tyre. The tyre would be rotated at such level to ascertain complete vision of inner side. Operation: After loading the tyre manually,operator presses start push button and the tyre starts rotating. Lever brackets activated by pneumatic cylinders hold the tyre from bead area, and pull open the tyre from bead area, such as to achieve clear vision of inner side of tyre. Till the time operator has achieved total inspection, the tyre keeps on rotating till operator presses the stop push button. Lever brackets leave the tyre bead area before the tyre stops rotating. Followed by removal of tyre by separate AC motor driving the arm, which holds the tyre from bead area and lifts the tyre out of machine.


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