FOUR OPTION DIGITAL VENDING MACHINE - Manufacturer - Aromas-N- Blends Pvt. Ltd.

This is a very versatile machine and offers the following 4 features: Regular Feature: It can dispense four different types of beverages in premix form such as tea, coffee, soup & lemon tea. Special Feature 1: With a change in ingredients input, the result could be: Tea/coffee without milk & without sugar; Tea/coffee without milk but with sugar; Tea/coffee with milk but without sugar; Tea/coffee with milk & with sugar; Tomato soup/lemon tea. Special Feature 2: With a further change in ingredients input, the machine can dispense: Espresso; Cappuchino; Moccachino; Espresso Choc; Hot Chocolate; Tomato soup/lemon tea. Special Feature 3: The machine can be programmed to dispense either 1 cup or 2 cups or 3 cups of the beverage (premix) simultaneously.This feature of the machine can be used very effectively for high consumption sites like cinema halls, shop floors or call centres where large number of people have to be served tea/coffee in a short span.

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