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The PSA Nitrogen Generator consists of all equipment (except air compressor and nitrogen vessel), which are mounted and interconnected on a heavy-duty skid. It is fully pre-assembled & pre-wired and runs automatically without any constant operator attendance. The generator has three basic modules - Compressed Air System: here compressed air is produced by a compressor, cooled in by an after cooler & stored in an wet air receiver; Compressed Air Filtration & Drying System: here the compressed air from wet air receiver is filtered (pre-filter & oil removal filter), dried (air dryer) and stored in dry air receiver and PSA System: here oxygen is removed by pressure swing adsorption (PSA) process and nitrogen comes out as the product gas, which flows into the surge vessel., from where it is drawn for use. Use of nitrogen in modern industrial manufacturing plants is growing due to its wide variety of applications (inert atmosphere, blanketing, purging, packing, filling, transfer, moulding, brazing, etc.) covering a broad spectrum of industries - chemical, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgical plastic moulding, etc. Nitrogen is available in cylinders (generally 7 NM3 capacity) but this is hazardous, since it involves high-pressure cylinders. Commercial quality N2 (purity 98% to99%) is available at the rate of Rs.12/- to Rs. 25/- per NM3, depending on the usage and geographical location. This generator produces N2 having a constant purity of 99% at the rate of Rs. 4/- to Rs. 7/- per Nm3. Sales Pitch. Spantech Engineers produces a complete range of high quality PSA Nitrogen Generators. We help you to save Rs. 8/- to 18/- per NM3 and to recover the cost of the generator in a short time. Besides, you also enjoy additional benefits such as, depreciation on capital expenditure and elimination of the hassles and hazards of handling high-pressure gas cylinders. Your maintenance mechanic can also carry out any minor maintenance, after brief onsite training.



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