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Cincinnati Centerless Grinders are designed and manufactured from ground up to provide optimum quality, efficiency and reliability. The Cincinnati Milacron Centerless Grinding machines have heavily ribbed meehanite castings that are combined with the standard outboard supports. Cincinnati Milacron Centerless Grinding machines have hydrostatic babbit type spindles with the automatic lube systems and at the end of it all it is the most successful brand in Centerless Grinders. Cincinnati Centerless Grinders are intended for grinding of smooth, stepped, conical and shaped surfaces of bidoes-of-rotation type method of plunge-cut or through-feed grinding. The Cincinnati Centerless Grinding machines can grind workpieces of cast iron, steel, non-ferrous metals and their alloys before and after heat treatment, the Cincinnati Centerless Grinding machines also grinds non metallic materials with the corresponding selection of abrasive tool and work rest blade material.
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