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Salient Features of Chocolate Melting Tanks: An ideal ratio between the height and the diameter to ensure the best heat exchange; A special well studied agitator to move chocolate from downward to upward and from the middle to the extremities for all the chocolate molecules without breaking their adhesion; Double jacketed steel walls; On request a thick insulation layer covered with stainless steel sheets is provided with additional cost; On the top a fixed cover on one half and a hinged cover to act like a door on the other half, this cover is equipped with a micro-switch to stop the agitator when opened; The tank is equipped with a water pump for an open circuit water circulation; Three fixation arrangement are provided : the first two are for the maximum and the minimum chocolate level detector and the third for a PT 100; A thermometer is installed to read out permanently the chocolate temperature; The tank is equipped with a drain gate; Added On request a double jacketed three ways valve to facilitate mounting a chocolate pump; Tank is equipped with own control panel; In addition to the tanks shown, we can supply all your jacketed pipework requirements including chocolate pumps; The tank dimensions in height and diameter to suit customers\' requirements. Tanks can be supplied in mild or stainless steel construction double skin.


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